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"Precision, Protection, Perfection"
Detail Maniac provides quality and professional automotive detailing services in Northern California.


Exterior Services

Detail Maniac is accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau).
Detail Maniac is the only detailer in CA to run fully on recycled Green Energy.
Our entire facility from top to bottom is run off of RECYCLED Green Energy.


Interior Detailing

Protect Your Investment.
Detail Maniac’s Fabric Guard System repels stains on carpet and seats.

Exterior Detailing

Interior Detailing

Paint Correction

Paint Protection

Headlight Restoration

Maintenance Package

Detail Maniac is the only detailer in CA to run fully on recycled green energy, fully utilize waterless carwash technology,
and be certified by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Not only is our passion about cars, but passion goes deep into our environment as well.

Man Leung, Owner

Better Business Bureau (BBB) AccreditationBBB-Logo

  • Detail Maniac is fully accredited by the BBB. This is an honor, since we understand not every company is eligible. We truly appreciate the significance of this and promise to continue to strive to do our best.

Waterless Carwash Technology

  • Detail Maniac is fully aware of the environmental challenges facing the world today. We are fully committed to protecting our limited water resources and the environment as a whole. We have been using waterless carwash technology since we opened. No hose will ever be used to wash your vehicle!
  • We exclusively use Chemical Guys’ EcoSmart, the first waterless detailing system of its kind. This product not only protects the environment, but the paint and finish on your vehicle. When sprayed onto the surface of your car, the unique emulsion of EcoSmart gently lifts and emulsifies the dirt and grime away from the surface. It then becomes suspended in a blend of hyper-surfactants, natural carnauba wax, and gentle lubricating agents. Contained within these ingredients, the contaminants that covered your vehicle’s beautiful finish can now be safely and easily removed with the use of a soft microfiber towel.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

  • The EPA leads the nation’s environmental science, research, education and assessment efforts. Their mission is to protect human health and the environment. In California, Texas, Florida and other states where there are large bodies of water, the EPA requires detailers to contain run-off wash water or to use a waterless detailing system. We must be 100% compliant and we achieve this by using EcoSmart, which exceeds the EPA’s requirements.

Smud Greenergy® Programsmud-logo

  • From top to bottom we run our entire facility with RECYCLED green energy. Our electricity comes from renewable resources like wind, water, sun and biomass. In addition, 40% of our contributions to Greenergy® are used in developing new renewable sources of energy serving our local area.

See What Our Clients Have to Say About Us!

Man and his crew did an amazing job on my s600 Mercedes. I've been to other businesses and had paint correction done on my car and the blemishes are still there. I decided to go to Detail Maniacs after reading countless good reviews. I'm so happy I had paint correction done. My car looks better than brand new!

Nicholas O., Sacramento, CA

Amazing job. I had some stubborn tree sap on my car and they offered to do a stage one polish. The first time around there were still a few spots left over but they offered to redo the job again with an more aggressive touch, free of charge. Luckily it worked, but either way, they put forth 100% effort to ensure my car ended up looking great and I truly appreciate it.

David K. , San Francisco, CA

Man and his team do amazing work. Took my Sti there today left with it looking like new. They can make your car shine like new. Awesome job guys thanks.

Travis B., Olivehurst, CA

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Man and his team strive to do with every vehicle that comes through Detail Maniac. It is the core belief that founded the business, not the pure motivation for making profit or cutting corners. That is what makes Detail Maniac different from any other detailer in the Northern California area. They don’t just make the car look better but to exceed customers’ expectations and insure the their complete satisfaction

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Quality Guarantee

We offer a 100% Quality Guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your detailing, we will work until you are!

Customer Focused

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We are not happy until we see a smile on your face, and this applies to all our customers.

Eco Friendly

From top to bottom, our entire facility is run with RECYCLED green energy to make your car shine and the earth smile!

Award Winning Business

Detail Maniac has been chosen twice: Back-to-back winner of the Best Detailing Award by the Voters of the KCRA 3 A-LIST for 2014 and 2015.